After being in Border Collies for many years and getting into the dog showing game I always knew I wanted something similar to the Border Collie but different and appealing to the eye. As I had had no luck in Border Collies and falling in love with the Aussie after seeing a few adverts in the USA Dogs annual, I started making inquiries about the breed through the internet.  I got into contact with a breeder and long lengthy emails were sent back and forth until I knew what I wanted to know about the breed and was totally hooked.  I was sent a few issues of the Journal and saw the type of dogs I liked and started from there.  As there were no Aussies in the country at this stage all I could go by was photos and info from breeders who had the breed.  The first Aussie was imported into South Africa from Australia at the beginning of 1998 and this was the final bait to get me totally hooked on the breed.

Our first Aussie was imported into South Africa from the Thornapple Kennels in October 1998.  Thanks to Ellen Brandenburg and Amy Garrison our beautiful boy "Dollar" was sent here at the age of 7 months.  He has captured the hearts of many judges and dog fanciers alike.  He was to be the foundation of our breeding program with the help of Ellen's guidance along the way.  

In July of 1999, Thornapple sent us a lovely bitch in whelp to start the breed off here in South Africa.  USA & SA Ch Thornapple Latest Trend arrived in whelp to USA & Can Ch Northbay's Captain Morgan and produced the first South African born litter of 6 beautiful babies, of which the two bitches are the foundation and start of our breeding program and Strathaven Aussies here in South Africa.

In July 2000, we imported two more puppies from the United States to increase our gene pool and to introduce the "red" gene.  Thanks to Suzanne Mayborne of Shoreland Kennels, Illinois for allowing two such beautiful puppies to leave American soil for South Africa.

In 2005 I imported Stone Ridge Movin' Out at Strathaven from Jennifer Cannon of Stone Ridge Aussie, he brought new blood into South Africa and started making history for the breed. He was the first Black Tri in SA to do the winning he has done namely winning 2 Best in Shows and KUSA National dog in 2006. Thanks to Jennifer for allowing this youngster to come to South Africa.

Strathaven may not be a large kennel, but believe that "big" isn't necessarily better.  We strive to breed Aussies that are sound in body and mind, devoting their lives to fulfilling yours.  Our dogs will hopefully speak for themselves ..... quality not necessarily related to quantity.

I hope you enjoy our web site!



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